Glue Dots International – Case Studies

Angling for Success

A traditional hot melt adhesive system produces application and aesthetic issues.

The previous generation of packaging used traditional chipboard, which hid adhesive flaws and application errors produced by existing roll coating hot melt systems.

While testing a new fishing line packaging design it became clear that traditional hot melt was compromising the packaging's aesthetics. The clear PET material made the adhesive and application errors visible to the customer.

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Bridging the Gap to New Markets

How to use existing packaging formats to develop a new club/warehouse value pack.

The manufacturer needed a new packaging solution that could be implemented quickly in order to meet the looming deadlines from their customer.

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Glue Dots® Help A Candle

Manufacturer Meet Shipping Deadlines

Packaging is often employed to display a product on the store shelves as well as provide a convenient carton for storage and shipping. But for this to work, components must stay in place, and labels must be visible.

Candle in the Wind is a manufacturer of specialty candles and scented oils. When they experienced problems packaging a new product, they turned to Glue Dots for help.

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Glue Dots® Provide Fast Relief for Carma Labs

When Carma Labs experienced problems packaging their lip care products in multi-packs, they knew adhesives were the solution. But because they needed them quickly and in large quantities to fill orders from mass retailers, they needed a custom solution from Glue Dots International.

Glue Dots reconfigured the applicator, allowing it to place two dots, side-by-side on the backer cards Custom Glue Dots rolls with two rows of dots on a wider I iner were al so manufactu red. The applicator quickly and precisely placed the dots on the products as they traveled down the conveyor. The products were then secured to the backer cards and transferred to the shrink wrap machine.

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Connecting with the Sun

During an automated packaging process, materials can shift and become unstable causing components to move during transport. An international manufacturer of solar cells turned to Glue Dots International to resolve this very issue.

The SD-900 was integrated into the existing assembly line and programmed to apply two (2) Glue Dots on the edge of the panel, allowing the cable to be secured in place by the following machine.

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Glue Dots® Help Contract Packager Meet Customer Needs

Cross-promoting products by attaching free samples is a common practice of manufacturers today. However, this often presents challenges in packaging design and assembly.

Rock-Tenn Alliance, a contract packaging company, specializes in packaging personal care products. When a manufacturer of personal care products turned to Rock-Tenn Alliance with a packaging challenge, Rock-Tenn Alliance turned to Glue Dots to help make it work.

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Cost-Effective Promotions Avail with Glue Dots®

Promotions are a high-stakes marketing tactic where, at times, logistics can be complicated. The perfect promotions concept isn't enough to guarantee a successful ROI.

Seasoned marketing and packaging professionals testify that project details such as proper materials selection and supply, logical timelines and managed budgets greatly impact a promotions success or failure.

So when a worldwide Consumer Packaged Goods Company wanted to cross promote its new product by including samples within their existing product line, a contract packaging facility out of Columbus, OH quickly responded to their client by securing the right behind-the-scenes assembly operations, distribution involvement and component suppliers to ensure the promotions success.

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Distributing Success

Carrying case failure is a multi-million dollar problem for the beverage industry, resulting in countless returns to re-pack centers, and higher labor and transportation costs for manufacturers and distributors.

Looking to curb costs for beverage repacking, one distributor in the Pacific Northwest discovered a new technology from Glue Dots International.

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Glue Dots® Keep a New Product from Going Down the Drain.

In the case of an unforeseen assembly problem, a simple solution can save a company from costly redesigns and product launch delays.

In-Sink-Erator®, the leading manufacturer of kitchen waste disposals, encountered a problem with assembling its new line of products. Rather than go back to the drawing board, they drew on the creativity of Glue Dots and Ellsworth Adhesives.

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Glue Dots® Helps Major Engine Producer Increase Productivity 50%

A major producer of engine products realizes increased productivity in its assembly production process because of the Auto Dot® Pro, an automated Glue Dots® applicator.

"Since adding the Auto Dot Pro to the assembly process, efficiencies have improved 50%" said the company's Manufacturing Engineer. The assembly rate increased from 125 parts per hour to 229 parts per hour. Meanwhile growing production requirements has precipitated an additional assembly line and two more Auto Dot Pros.

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Glue Dots® Keeps A Printing & Packaging Company Rockin'

By providing complete printing, packaging and fulfillment services under one roof, companies can save their clients money while increasing their revenue. When the client is a high-profile brand like iTunes®, printers need to pay special attention to speed and precision without compromising the brand. Glue Dots® adhesives and applicators make this job a song.

With the help of Glue Dots Intl. and American Chemical, the printer was able to provide a cost-effective solution for an important client. The cards were produced fast enough to meet iTunes’® shipping timelines. The high-profile Glue Dots® gave the cards the illusion of floating, which created visual interest on the retail shelf and represented the iTunes® brand well. Most importantly, it allowed the printer to grow their business by providing complete printing, packaging and fulfillment services.

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Glue Dots® Help Customers Save Their Soles

ProFoot™, a leading manufacturer of insoles, arch supports and other footcare products, needed a versatile, simple way for customers to adhere insoles in their shoes. Glue Dots International worked closely with Valley Industrial Products and ProFoot to create a custom solution that worked for their entire product line.

Using custom adhesives from Glue Dots allowed ProFoot to have a single adhesive solution for their complete line of fbotcare products. Glue Dots' customization capabilities also made the adhesives easier for customers by incorporating blue tinting, clear liners and instructions.

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Glue Dots® Helps Keep Hardware in Place During Shipping

During shipping, parts and hardware have a way of rattling around in the box, making final assembly difficult. Basco, a manufacturer of shower doors, wanted to ensure the brackets shipped with the doors didn't get lost, so they turned to Ellsworth Adhesives and Glue Dots for a solution.

Ellsworth suggested using Super-High Tack Glue Dots adhesives applied from the convenient dispenser box in order to keep the brackets in place during shipping. The Glue Dots proved extra useful by holding the brackets during installation, allowing the installers to position and adjust the door, and tighten the bracket set screws after all adjustments were made.

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Time For A Coffee Break

Printer get a break on a variable image mailer. By providing complete printing, post-press, and fulfillment services under one roof, companies can save their clients money while increasing revenue.

The customer originally requested clear wafer seals to secure the mailer for USPS (United States Postal Service) delivery. Glue Dots suggested an alternative, using Medium Tack - Low Profile Dots to close the self-mailer. Replacing the wafer seals preserved the mailers creative design and brand itengrity, while meeting USPS regulations.

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