Paper Scrap Christmas Tree

Dig out those beloved paper scraps to create a Christmas tree decoration that’s simple to make and great for some fun and easy holiday decor!

Here’s what you need: tree rolled_with product

Here’s what you do:

  1. Roll a piece of green paper into a cone shape and secure it using Craft Glue Dots.  glue to tree_new product
  2. Next, choose paper you like from your crafty stash of paper leftovers. Double sided paper looks the best on the tree.
  3. Cut the paper strips to a 1″ thickness x 3″ width.
  4. Wrap the paper pieces around a pen or pencil to give them a nice curl.
  5. Finally, using Craft Glue Dots stick each curled piece of paper to the tree. Start at the bottom and work around the base adding the curls and then move up the tree.Christmas Paper Scrap Tree
  6. Top the tree with a star pin by Maya Road.

That’s it! It’s so easy, your kids can make their own (with supervision while using scissors, of course).

Happy Holidays,

~The Team at GDI

This project was created by Joy Dickson as part of the Glue Dots 2012 Design Team.

Either format of Craft Glue Dots can be used for this project


Glue Dots products used in this project can be found in the United States at A.C. Moorehobby lobbyJo-Ann LogoMichael's Store Locator

Glue Dots products can be purchased in the UK at



  • TM

    We will be doing a variation on these for our team bonding event. I am
    having the kids write 1 positive word to describe each of their team
    mates. They will then give the strip with the word on it to the correct
    person and the person will then use the strips on their own to help grow
    positivity on their cheer team.

    • melissa

      that is an awesome idea!!

  • Laken Harrel

    My friends and I make these little trees last night as part of a wine and craft night. They were easy to explain and I had all the supplies on hand. They turned out quite cute and were simple enough for adults drinking wine 😉

  • Andrea Nelson

    I don’t have scrap paper but want to do this project with my son. What kind of paper works best for this?

    • GlueDots

      Hi Andrea! We’ve found that double-sided paper or cardstock works best for this project. We hope you enjoy making this with your son! 🙂