Wafer Seal Replacement

Wafer Seal Replacement

Wafer seal alternative for direct mail.

In recent years the US Postal Service has overhauled the automated letter mailstream, implementing new guidelines to meet the MERLIN (Mail Evaluation Readability Lookup Instrument) regulations.  These changes have had a sweeping effect on the mailing and fulfillment industries.


Glue Dots are a US Postal Service compliant adhesive for tabbing mailings. Glue Dots are commonly used as a wafer seal alternative.


Glue Dots adhesives are preferred because:

1.  They protect your brand and imagery.  Unlike wafer seals, Glue dots won’t cover up your creative layout.


2.  They allow customers to easily open your mailing.  Glue Dots are strong enough to secure a mailer and remove cleanly without leaving residue or odor.


3.  When US postal regulations require 3 wafer seals, you only have to use 2 Glue Dots for the same job.